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Ashley- Hello everybody!! Today we are going to go over DeathCaster by Chima!! This is the last installment in the Shattered Realms series. I will say, for the most part, I loved it. Let's just straight dive in!! It's all going to be spoilers. Alright, so we start off learning some interesting things in this book. There are traitors in the queendom. Early one, we come to find one of those people to be Finn. In the beginning, we don't know exactly what's going on with him, but we keep hoping for the best. Finn is with Ash, Evan, Devillers, and Sasha on the sea, making their way to find Lyss when one of the empress's ships confront them. During the commotion, Finn straight throws fire magic as Ash, sending him and Sasha overboard. Evan dives in after them. They can find a little boat to take them to an area where Evan knows a lot of shiplords. It's not long before a few of them betray Evan. They want to give him up to the empress. Therefore they paralyze him. Luckily, Jasmina is a shiplord who does not agree with delivering Evan to the empress, so she sets Sasha and Ash free to help Evan, who has been temporarily paralyzed. Everyone has a lot going on in this book. Destin blackmails his father in a meeting with King Jarat. When his father goes to attack him, Destin kills him. This made me happy. I'm beyond excited that my love, Destin, no longer has to deal with that monster that fathered him. Lyss is over here helping Jenna and Cas save baby dragons who have lost their mother. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I became super attached to these dragons. I also like how each person ended up becoming bonded with a specific dragon. Lyss and Slayer end up becoming close during this book. Honestly, it is adorable. I even enjoy the way the dragons speak. Jenna and Lyss come up with a plan to attack Celesgarde, but the night before they are due to lead their attack, Celestine makes Lyss sail across the sea with her. Celestine begins telling Lyss how she knows that Alyssa is heir to the fells and how she wants Lyss to rule the queendom in her behalf. On the other side, poor Jenna had no idea why Lyss never met up the next day as planned. Upon flying down and questioning a bloodsworn, she finds out Lyss had been taken. She gives the dragons permission to burn Celesgarde down. They do a pretty good job of that. However, Jenna does find a survivor. Breon. It was a cute moment when they saw each other, because the moment they realized they both had magemarks, Breon starts crying and holding her. It was a touching moment. Jenna and Ash do reunite to our pleasure. I also enjoyed the fact that Evan got his, I told you so moment. The dragons don't seem to like Evan at all, after knowing the history between him and Cas. Evan had to work to gain their trust and ended up connecting will with one named Splinter, who has an injured wing that he helps fix-up. Hal's father had promised that once he went and took Arden, he could march an army north to fight against the empress. Hal ends up concurring Arden much faster than his father thought. Upon finding out that his father is going back on his promise and with talk of his father wanting to crown himself king of Arden, Hal decides to king himself instead. Once he does, he gets his chance to take an army north. Let's take a second to express how bad we feel for Julianna. In secret, she and Finn are getting married with very few people to witness. When Mellony, her mother, finds out, she is too late to stop the wedding but calls Finn out as a Darian brother. This is how we find out the Vega and Finn are traitors of the queendom. A fight ensues, and Finn is killed. Not only that, but not long after Julianna is crowned queen and since Jarat has invaded, he is now set up to marry her. It's then that we find out Mellony is also a traitor. To the Fells relief, Lyss makes it in time before Julianna says her I do's at the altar. A plan was devised to get Julianna out of it. Once again, to my delight, Destin gets to kill Jarat. Mellony goes off to prison. Destin explains blood magic to Lyss. He wants her to try using her blood to turn the bloodsworn. It does appear to work in her favor. It's around this time that Ash and Lyss finally reunite for the first time in years. During all this, Breon and Evan have been on their own around Carthis with plans of their own. Unfortunately, Breon gets stuck in a cave. The dragons, Splinter and Splash, alert Evan to this. Once Evan goes into the cave, he gets bashed in the head. When he wakes up, both him and Evan are collared and on a ship with one of Celestine's men. Breon is able to yell to the dragons to tell them what's going on and where they are being taken. Breon and Evan are reunited with Celestine. She takes them to where they were born, and they both feel emotions that they've long forgotten. Evan remembers his brother Jak. When they reach land, Celestine takes off their collars. When she does, it makes Evan and Breon docile, calm, they don't have a care in the world. Breon decides to take the collars with him, which turns out to be great. When they put the collars back on, they feel like themselves again. They have to hide that fact from Celestine. We learn that Celestine's mother's name is Iona. She is the mother of all of them. They are called Splinter children. Their fathers were picked for their abilities. To keep the line pure, she has splinter children. Their purpose is to be killed, binding their powers to the true heir, Celestine. However, Iona began to care for Evan's father, Harol Strangward. So much so that she has two children with him. Iona doesn't allow the ceremony to go forward for fear that Harol wouldn't return to her. When Harol understands what her plan is for the children, he makes it his duty to save them all. Jenna, Destin, Ash have been on their way to find Evan and Breon after being alerted by Splash. They find a bloodsworn that tell Jenna the ceremony is about to begin. He leads her to where they are on a bridge. Since Celestine is distracted by Jenna, Breon and Evan take the time to attack her while they have the chance. Not that they do much damage before the bloodsworn grab them, and Celestine pushes Jenna into a lava pool. Jenna is fantastic, though, and can withstand flame and heat. Celestine doesn't realize that now she believes she is in control of the dragons. She soon finds out that she was wrong as Goat, a dragon, picks her up and throws her into the lava pool. Yes, the end happened quickly, but I can handle that. Nobody that we loved died, including the dragons. Hal goes back to Arden and cuts the church from the government. Queen Marina is now back in her homeland, Tamron. Breon and Sasha, who by now, you know they are feeling each other, end up together. Ah Destin and Evan, such a sweet reunion. Destin has agreed to be a spymaster to Hal for a while, but he and Evan have plans to go to Tarvos. Hal meets up with Lyss. He proposes to her. They know it will be a long, difficult process, and they understand they can't get married anytime soon, but they want to be together. They want to get married and work to unite the Fells and Arden. I will end this blog about a glorious book with Evan and Destin's coming together again at the end. "Destin!" Evan flew into the spymaster's arms, and this time there was no resistance. Destin held him tightly, pressing him into his chest as if he would never let him go. Evan could feel his heart beating madly, and he was trembling. He smelled of fresh air and dragon flame and hope. "I thought you were dead, pirate," Destin whispered, stroking his hair, cradling his chin, then kissing him slowly and thoroughly. "I would think that a pirate would have a better sense of-" "Shut up," Evan said and returned the kiss.


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