Sarah's Corner -- Someone to Kiss My Scars Review

Hunter needs to remember. Jazz needs to forget. They need each other to heal in this teen thriller of survivor love.

Hunter’s past is a mystery to him, erased by a doctor at the direction of his father. But memories of the secret trauma begin to surface when Hunter sees other people’s memories—visions invading his mind with stories of abuse, teen self-mutilation, rape, and forbidden sex.

His best friend Jazz has dark and disturbing memories of her own that she hides behind her sass and wit. Hunter discovers he can rescue the victims, even though he risks adding their suffering to his own.

Hunter and Jazz kiss each other’s scars and form a bond of empathy no two teens should ever need.

This book contains scenes of sexual abuse, self-mutilation, and suicide. It should not be read by teens who wish to be shielded from such harsh realities their peers may be enduring alone. Nor by anyone who desires to remain in the dark despite being in a position to shine light. However, those who suffer in private or wish to help those who do—please read this story and share its contents.

Many parts of this book are difficult to read and were very difficult to write. But there is much truth in these pages, some profoundly ugly and some beautiful in its resilience. As one character says, “I have to believe I can still love and be loved. We can’t stay broken forever.”

And they shouldn’t be unknown forever. People need to feel the pain of others.

Okay guys! I got my first ever ARC review for you all!!! This is an honest review with thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this story.

Sadly I was kind of disappointed.......

The premise of the story sounds really interesting. I am a sucker for all things tragic and messed up. Which, this would be a perfect story! Kid has amnesia, kid sees a whole bunch of stories of some messed up things, and kid finally gets memories back-- turns out they aren't all that great of events he missed out on etc.

But, the writing just seemed to be very elementary. I couldn't get over the repetition of " He did this..." or " Joe grabbed his cup of coffee. Joe enjoyed his coffee, but it was too hot for his liking." ( These are not actual quotes, but just an example of what I mean.) And this was only the start of the book.

I feel so bad that one of my first ARCs that I had received ended up being one that I struggled to finish. I really wanted to like it since the topics dealt were suicide, sexual abuse, and other issues that the current world faces but has hidden in its dark corners. I just could not get past some of the material. While I understand the approach was as if a friend was telling this to you, I wish it was more mature especially with the content that it presented.

Granted, this is just my review of it and I honestly say, give it a shot. What may not be my cup of tea, could very well be yours. But make sure you are ready to deal with the dark themes that are discussed and embraced in this book.


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