Sarah's Corner - Darkdawn

Alright guys, I am finally done with this series.


A ruthless young assassin's journey for revenge comes to a stunning end in the conclusion of this acclaimed epic fantasy trilogy. The Republic of Itreya is in chaos. Mia Corvere has assassinated Cardinal Duomo and rumors of Consul Scaeva’s death ripple through the street of Godsgrave like wildfire. But buried beneath those same streets, deep in the ancient city’s bones, lies a secret that will change the Republic forever. Mia and her brother Jonnen must journey through the depths of the ancient metropolis. Their quest will take them through the Godsgrave underdark, across the Sea of Swords, back to the library of the Quiet Mountain and the poisoned blades of Mia’s old mentors, and at last the fabled Crown of the Moon. There, Mia will at last discover the origins of the darkin, and learn the destiny that lies in store for her and her world. But with the three suns now in descent, and Truedark on the horizon, will she survive?

*Spoilers Ahead*

So.... I finally finished but can I really say I finished it when I pretty much skimmed the book after she told Tric that she will not choose him? Yea, already had 0 parts of Mister Kindly and now Tric gets the short end of things? I was completely done. Why bring him back if he wasnt really needed other than to tell her that she had a prophecy? Kristoff could have found another way. Dont get me wrong I got excited to read book 3 because of Tric, but it fell short massively. And let me just say the whole Ashlinn and Mia thing? So. Done. Hate that couple, not because its f/f ( trust me I'm all for it ) , but because of the fact that I hate Ash due to what she did to Tric and for Mia to just screw her makes me go really? You loved him and here ya are doing his killer, you must not have cared for him at all. I strongly disliked Mia and I hated Ash so really this book just sucked. And if I read ' neh? ' one more time I may just start to pull my hair out.


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