Monday Morning Check In

Granted this is more like Monday Afternoon check-in, but it is Monday nonetheless!

What is everyone else currently reading, watching, or excited for?

Sarah: I finished Night Circus over the weekend and last night got in a chapter of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. This morning, however, I learned that Bungo Stray Dogs has a light novel that is released in America and I kinda wish I already knew about this because I would have started that instead. Oh well! I officially ordered it and will start it at some point. Need to be careful though since Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo will be out next week! Hopefully I get my Waterstones edition the day of release, if not a couple days afterwards....... Also, I am not currently watching anything. Demon Slayer had it's season finale this weekend and I haven't chosen a new anime to watch. But! Grey's Anatomy is back on andddddd so I am pretty pumped about that.


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