Monday Check In

Hello to all!!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!

It was definitely a busy week for me ( Sarah here! ) with work getting crazy. But hey got a promotion, so I am pretty happy. This past weekend was also the free book fair in Cincinnati called Books by the Banks. I got to meet some great authors there, some I had never heard of, but they were all so nice. The most exciting one for me was Laini Taylor. She is the one that wrote Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and Strange the Dreamer duology. Both of these series are so unique and amazing. I recommend any and all of her writings! I also won Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan and she was super sweet. My friend Andrew won All the Things We Do in the Dark and gave it to me as well. They had a VIP author session, alot like speed dating. You sit at a table and the authors get 5 minutes at your table before moving on. Here I met Emily Duncan ( who wrote Wicked Saints.....which I have on my tbr shelf ) and we found out she loves the Grisha series. Her favorite character is the Darkling ha! I know Ashley will be excited to learn that! I got a few more books and all the books I had were signed by the authors. it was such a great event. The authors seemed to be in a more comfortable scene and we got to just chat and it was all really chill. Apparently they do this every year so I will definitely attend next year!


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