Ashley's Corner- TBT Character Traits

Well, this Tuesday's topic is, what traits I like about a character. This, in itself, has a full answer, mwahaha.

Alright, let's be honest. There's a variety of impressive traits out there! Besides, certain situations call for an assortment of traits to pop out. To put it mildly, I can dang near like any trait depending on the context.

To start, let's talk about general features I like. Kindness can be the first on the list. This doesn't mean the characters have to be altruist every second.

Pulling back for a moment, I can't stand characters that start off well beyond arrogant. I've picked up a book before, and within the first ten pages, I disliked the main character for this very reason. Many of you out there have felt the same way. Actually, right now, you're probably thinking of that very book.

Time to get back on track!! Other traits that I admire happened to be; character's who are generous, loyal, determined, optimistic, enthusiastic, bold, playful, funny, proactive, I could keep going if you would like.

As I stated before, and cannot say enough, situations matter. Let's drool over the Darkling from the Grisha series for a moment. Or it could just be me who loves him? You would go over my list again and think I was crazy. The Darkling was determined. He was bold. He was, in his way, proactive. He was a villain; which means it's perfectly acceptable to be this way. I might think differently if he was meant to portray the protagonist; unless you're reading a book where the protagonist, in general, is intended to blur the lines.

In saying that, if a protagonist is put between a rock and a hard place, sometimes you have to bring out the more cunning and deceptive traits. I get that completely. It's what makes a story fantastic. It makes the book more realistic. As humans, we don't always make the right decisions. Why would we expect our characters too? That's the whole point, watching your character learn and grow. Of course, shake your head and fist as they do something stupid and go gossip to your friends how you cannot believe what the character just did. I've been there.

And this, my friends, is why books are beautiful things that grab our souls. They take us on the best and worse of journeys. Without the long list of character traits I can spew, we wouldn't have the materials available to us that we do.


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