Ashley’s Corner- Freaks Like Me Review

Georgina was just a typical teenager when it happened; she was studying hard for a place at her dream university and having fun with her friends on weekends. She always knew what was coming next. She had her entire life planned, until one night and one event turned her whole world upside down. In an instant, everything had changed, and it was never to be the same again. ""Freaks Like Me"" is a touching memoir about invisible illness, mental health and the prejudice that sadly comes alongside it. It's the true story of how one girl and her loved ones finally learnt to accept the hand they had been dealt..

Well hello all you awesome people out there!! Yesterday I finished this book. I originally bought it because it was shared on fb in one of the support groups I’m in for my daughter’s neuromigration disorder.

Let me start off by saying how real this book is. It’s only 114 pages; which is short for me, but I loved the raw honesty that she let flow into the pages.

She starts off her book by telling about her earlier life. A life that was free of disability. As we go along we get to the point where her life changed, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. One minute her life was going according to plan, the next everything was turned upside down.

In this book you will discover what depression and anxiety can do to a person. I felt her joys. I felt her pain. She has a fantastic support system to help her get through the struggles she still faces.

If you want a book that allows you into the mind of someone who is fighting everyday to keep living, this book might be for you.

Honestly, my only complaint about Freaks Like Me, is that it can be a bit redundant at times.

I give this book at 4.5 out of 5 :)


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