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Ashley-Hello, everyone!! I hope quarantine is still going well for you all. Today I will be going over; We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I've passed this book many times in the bookstore in the YA section. The name certainly is catchy. Sarah recently gave me a kindle, I am all about physical books, but I would be dumb to turn down a kindle. So, I have found a good use for it, when I get on my exercise bike, I read my kindle on it!! I've loved it. Since I do prefer physical books, I decided to purchase a book that I was iffier about on the kindle, which is how I came to read, We Were Liars. On to the review!! Honestly, I found the beginning of this book to be good. The middle begins to lose me to boredom, to finally come once back around to thinking it was good. The end is what got me. So we learn about the beautiful Sinclair family. A grandfather who came into his money at the age of 21. Rich. He has an island called Beechwood that he stays at. His three daughters come down with their children during the summer to stay since they each have a house down there. The four liars. All the same age. All born in the fall. That is where this story truly takes us. The POV we are in is Cadence or Cady. She has two cousins, Mirren and Johny. Gat is part of the family distantly. Johnny's mom is dating a man named Ed. Gat is Ed's nephew, who accompanies his girlfriend with her children to the island. Everyone besides Cady has younger siblings. Cady and her mother only live with three golden retrievers. Her father, who is still part of her life, left her mother. Ok, so there's that background. The story bases around an accident that happened to Cady when she was 15 that has it to where she can't remember parts of that summer on Beechwood. Her mother had found her in the little beaches water, almost naked, not able to speak. Cady is now 17, what happened during that summer when she was 15? Why did the summer of 16 her father take her to Europe instead of letting her go to Beechwood per usual? Now that she is 17, she is more than ready to go hang out with her three family members that are her best friends. Not to mention, she has been in love with Gat, who also loves her. She's is anxious to see him again. But things are not the same. There are things nobody wants to talk about, primarily when it revolves around Cady's accident. The author keeps you interested in what exactly happened. The book instantly engaged me, yet, the farther I got, the more drawn out and filler seemed to be applied, which had me getting a bit bored. I wanted more than just this wealthy, beautiful family. And slowly, we begin to see it. The three daughters of Cady's grandad is always drunk. They have been for years. Those three daughters fight about everything, especially since their mother died. They feel entitled to so many items and money. It's insane. The grandfather had tried to raise three independent daughters, but none of them are. Cady, Mirren, Johnny, and Gat are tired of it. They are tired of the fighting. They are tired of seeing money rule their family. They genuinely appear to have a good head on their shoulders. We come to find out more about Cady's granddad, which is quite sad, considering I thought he was an ok guy. We find that he is racists. Ed, who his daughter Carrie is dating, is Indian, like Gat. Carrie's father told her she could not ever marry Ed or strip her of her inheritance. We also come to find out that her granddad does not like the relationship between her and Gat. The three sisters/mothers are so full of jealous rage that they had begun to involve their children. Always wanting their children to go to their grandfather and tell them why this item means so much to them (so he would give it to them and the mother could have it.) It was insane. Slowly, we start finding out about pieces of what happened—nobody will answer Cady on what happened the night of the accident. Her mother has explained to her that she used to tell Cady what happened, but she kept forgetting. The doctor told her mom to stop telling her and let it come back to her on her own time. So we come to find out how the four liars were done watching the patriarchy, their granddad pitting the sisters against each other. They were tired of watching their mother's fight. Cady remembers being 15 now and there being fire to her grandfather's house. Soon, she recalled that it was the four of them who started that fire. Slowly, she begins remembering things about that night here and there. She tells the three other liars that she remembers the fire. They seem relieved that it's finally coming back to her. They thought everyone was out of the Clairmount house when they went through with gasoline. They forgot about the two golden retrievers their granddad had. Yes, the burned in the fire, and that part nearly had me throwing the kindle (JK) across the room. I don't handle animal death well. So the more significant revelation happens, we find the four liars had been drinking. They were buzzed/drunk when they decided to light the place on fire. To burn all the items, their mother's kept fighting over, on fire. Cady was supposed to pour gasoline on the main level. Gat in the basement. Johnny and Mirren on the top floors. I guess this is the part that gets me the most; Cady made a colossal mistake. Not only in the fact that she started at the wrong part of the house, but she also lit the paper towel roll on fire and threw it. For whatever reason, she thought the others had already done their part. I didn't much get that part. It seems stupid that you would even split up like that when you're using a fire accelerant. They planned to pour gasoline on their portion of the house, then light it up, but they were all spread out so much. Fire rarely goes as planned. The fact that they thought this was a good idea is insane, what's crazier is that Cady, who is the only one of the first level, would light a fire before any other place was lit. They had all been drinking. Their minds weren't in a state where they could fully form thoughts. Therefore, the end, the revelation, was shocking for me and pulled me straight back into the story. I would eventually like to reread it since I know the secret. I want to see the true formation of this book since I genuinely thought the three other liars were alive still and not the ghosts, or images, that they had been.


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