Ashley's Corner-

Hello everyone!! I hope everybody's lockdown is going well!! I read, I Am Watching You, by Teresa Driscoll a little bit ago, but have since forgotten to write a blog on it. The premise of this book is about an adult woman named Ella, who happens to be on a train when she witnesses two young teenage girls be approached from two guys. As a married mother of a son, she has been called Prudish at times. Once she leaves the train, one of the girls, Anna, goes missing. After Anna goes missing, the book goes into a lot of twists and turns that left me thinking at times I was on the right track, to be wrong. SPOILER TIME!! As you know, Anna and her friend Sarah are riding on the same train as Ella when two guys, Antony and Karl begins to strike a conversation with them. Immediately, Ella becomes on guard, especially when she finds out the two guys have recently gotten out of prison. The two guys were able to romanticize the reason they were incarcerated. Red flags are going off for Ella. She begins to think that she should find out who the girl's parents are and contact them. Upon getting up to follow Sarah and Antony, she sees them wander into a bathroom together. She decides to mind her own business. This will later haunt her. Now, this book jumps around POV wise. Yes, Ella contacted the police with what she knew and had seen. Meanwhile, Anna's friend Sarah has told the police bits of what happened, leaving out the two guys they met on the train. She was ashamed and didn't want her parents to know they had been with boys. One year later, the police reconstruct the disappearance of Anna on TV to hopefully get more answers about this unsolved case. Already, the media got ahold of Ella's name. People blamed her for not acting on the train. It takes a bit for people to calm down around her. It's not long after that Ella gets a black postcard with black magazine letters that spelled out, "Why didn't you help her?" Another postcard graces her not too long after saying, "Bitch, how do you sleep?" This unnerves Ella. The postcards continue coming. She sees Anna's mom, Barb, come into her flower shop multiple times, staring at her. Leading Ella to believe the messages have been from her. She hires a PI named Matthew. She hopes that Matt can talk to Barb and get the threatening notes to stop. Everyone lives appear to be tail spinning. Sarah, Anna's friend, overdosed on pills. She was admitted to a hospital. Sarah does feel a lot of guilt over what happened. Sarah knows that other people were supposed to go with Anna and Sarah to London. Jenny, Anna's sister, and two of their male friends. All but Sarah and Anna had to cancel, leaving many of them to blame Sarah. There is a couple of chapters in the POV of the person who probably took Anna. I find these kinds of POV's intriguing. The person talks about how they love to watch people in their element. He likes seeing people when they have that itchy sensation of being watched. There are a lot of twists and turns in this novel. I had not been expecting Sarah to come forth to the police that she thought her father might have taken Anna. Her father had been inappropriate with both Sarah and Sarah's sister. He also, she suspected, had a thing for Anna. And since Sarah and Anna got off the train and went to a club with the two men, who ended up wandering off, and Sarah's father had messaged her saying that she and Anna should come to his places, left her feeling like he might have done something. It does turn out that he didn't. The police begin to move their sights from Sarah's father, in time to get a call that they tracked one of the boys, Karl, down in Spain. Police now surround Karl's place, but he has a hostage only shown from the back, that looks a lot like Anna. Through PI Matt's investigation, though, he thinks the body shape of this female looks a lot different, even from behind than Anna. They do confirm that it's not Anna, just Karl and his girlfriend in a weird scheme. Dun dun dun. The truth is, one of the male friends that were supposed to go on the trip with them, who canceled because he was going to be in Scottland, is the person who took Anna. Tim had become interested in Anna. He even showed her proof that her father was having an affair with his mother. They end up finding Annas's body in a freezer. I don't want to ruin all the mystery for those of you who like to torture yourself before reading the book. Overall, I truly did enjoy this read :).


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