Ashley's Writings

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The Renegades


Sadie has never known a world of freedom. She was born into a life where her people were torn apart. Death littered the streets. Safety was challenging to find. The raids came, the slaughter was served. Sadie will never forget the day her friend was murdered in her arms. She will never wash away the blood that still stains her palms. Fury eats its way through her. No longer is she willing to stand down. She joins a group that has made its life mission to take down their oppressors. Sadie must face unimaginable struggles as she puts her life on the line to save the people she loves.


After leaving Dirt town and sneaking into Prism in hopes of swaying Embry's heart and infiltrating the Kingdom, Sadie finds herself in a world full of comfort and madness. In this sequel, she is faced with impossible choices and excruciating revelations.


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